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Every January we find ourselves in Vancouver, British Columbia to show our new collection to retailers from across Canada.  The trip is mixed with business, pleasure, and whatever else we can get up to after we leave the confined walls of the Convention Center.  

As fun as these trade shows can be, we have to put our blood, sweat, and tears into them to make them a success (thanks to J.S. and the boys).  A lot of you may not know what goes into the preparation for a trade show but day one is a lot of heavy lifting and putting together Ikea furniture.  As soon as the hard work is over, we were on the hunt for cold beers and a spot to relax.  

After grabbing a case of cold ones we proceeded to check out the hot tub area in our hotel.  When it was first described to me, I was told it is "quite a zone", and they were right.  If I could put it into my own words, it looked like a hotel spa area from 1980's Miami, that still had red carpet throughout the majority of the area.  This quickly became our aprés Know Show hangout, followed by dinners at various spots throughout the downtown area.

It's a bit of a tradition to cap off the trade show by checking out Fortune Sound Club for their Capsule release and for Dinosaurs Will Die Owner Jeff Keenan's photo show.  Dickson Li was serving up his homemade dumplings as well, and I know what you're thinking, dumplings in the club?  Yes, and they were incredible, shoutout to Dicky's Dumps.


Once we had everything wrapped up in Vancouver we headed up to Whistler to stay with a friend in some pretty lux accommodations (big thank you to @nickriellaars).  After being spoiled with the tub zone at our hotel in Vancouver, we were really hoping to keep with the theme of the trip.  We were in luck since there happened to be a sauna, which we made full use of after each day on the mountain. 

Everyone who has been to Whistler knows the conditions can be unpredictable at times, but we happened to get blessed with a couple of blue bird days.  After being inside for a few days straight it was a solid way to end the trip.  After seeing the Wolf Blood Moon on the last night of the trip, we knew that the real work was just beginning.

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