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Chris Rasman on the cover of KINGSNOW


The Manboys have taken over the latest issue of KINGSNOW Mag with a handful of stories about last season and beyond. Out of his own surprise, our boy Chris landed the cover, shot by photographer @darcybacha.

We caught up with Chris to hear what he had to say…

Ekumenik: Hey Chris! Congrats on the cover of KINGSNOW dude that’s so bitch’n! Is this your first cover?

CR: Thanks guys. So hyped on it. Was sure a nice surprise to cap off the sweetness of being allowed to take over the inside of the mag with my crew. This is my 5th cover actually. First KINGSNOW cover though.

Whats this spot named? Can you even tell us, is it like surf spots?

CR: Ha. It’s kinda like that. Sometimes I wish they were localized a bit more like surf spots though. Sled zones have names, and the zones inside the zones have names, and then a lot of the jumps that have been hit before even have names. The difference is the resources you need to get there. And it’s not like you can just google where “double espresso” is. I think that jump’s called Elk jump…

What was the vibe that day? Who else nailed what?

CR: It was smack dab in the middle of a perfect sunny stretch in March. Go time for jumping season for us. We set out to hit a jump beside that. Rencz and Mikkel were already on that one, so we asked if it was cool that we built the jump beside them, and they were alright with it. Rusty gave me that one (extremely generous of you buddy), so I built it with our filmer and photog, and Rusty set up his own thing down the ridge. That ridge had some shit go down on it. Mikkel put down a switch back 9 and a back 5. Mikey a cab 9. Myself this front 3 and a front 7. And rusty a front 7 on his.

Whats it like filming with Manboys, is it really as much as it looks on the video, or is it like our Instagram feed full of simulated enjoyment?

CR: I would honestly say it’s more fun than what it shows. I wish we could authentically show how sweet it is. We’re all good friends, and this life we are living is fucking all-time. We are lucky. What we don’t show is all the times that shit completely doesn’t work out, or the times we are bitching at each other like married couples.

Is it strange having things celebrated that happened like 12 months ago? Must be hard to keep this shit under wraps for so long.

CR: When you say it out loud, it totally sounds strange. For me though, it just feels normal. I’ve been doing this type of thing with my snowboarding for nearly a decade. I don’t have much experience with instant celebration for my snowboarding. What I’m saying is I have never podium’d at a contest…

Can we talk about this sick Jeep commercial you just shot? Sounds like you might be turning into a bit of a rock star. 

CR: Haha. I actually signed a contract that prevents me from talking about it. What I can say is that they made me wear a hideous orange helmet, and that it airs in 10 days during the playoffs, and again during X-Games.

Plans for the summer? You work in wood housing restoration?

CR: Yah, for a few months I do. It’s hard work, but satisfying. Long story short. We make bad-ass, log homes look nice and new again. I think my summer will be similar to the last. Work for Beau’s wood restoration company again, coach at Camp of Champions, and then go surf until winter starts.

Goals for this upcoming season?

CR: I want to snowboard more. I know that sounds funny, but seriously. More natural stuff, more just riding, you know? I love hitting jumps. A lot actually. But I want to have more free riding in my footage this year. Other than that. Bigger, better part as I’m sure every film-focused snowboarder would tell you. I also want another TW riders poll award. Really badly actually. I would love to get even nominated for rider of the year or video part of the year. I know that’s a heavy claim, but I’m not claiming it. Just saying it’s a goal.

I should probably tell you that your boy Rusty flew outta Bali a few months ago with that Lib Tech board you were storing at my place. Which begs the question: Bali or Hawaii for October 2017?

CR: Haha, dude. Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say that the only reason I had him do that was because I was pretty broke after Hawaii / new sled / no outerwear sponsor, and trying to gather stuff I could sell. I didn’t want it just sitting there. I realized shortly after I should have just left it there. My girl and I are talking about doing Bali again actually. Maybe a little earlier this year. Like September. We will see. I never know until right before. I’m not a plan-ahead guy for trips like that.


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