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Old Dog, New Tricks



Chad is a personable, relatable and down-to-earth guy. These characteristics flow into his work so effortlessly and honestly. The images he likes to shoot are often stark and emotional: simple elements held in perfect balance.

He lives to discover other cultures and document the stories of stranger’s that inevitably become friends. He is at peace in the mountains and hopes to share the joy he finds in the back country with those around him. His 25+ year love affair with snowboarding has seen Chad recently become King of the Storm in the 10th anniversary of Deep Winter. With this title under his belt he shows no signs of slowing down.

Chad catches honest moments as they unfold and knows that sometimes the best view of the action is from the edge. Never posed, always poised, he quietly captures the images that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Last week, Ekumenik President Jordan Kendel, caught up with soon to be legendary photog Chad Chomlack as he get’s himself prepared for a huge season in Whistler and beyond.What’s it like living in Whistler? Born and raised, or transplanted?

​Love living here, amazing place to raise my two boys . We have lived here for 13 years but I have been coming up here since I was kid.

Who’s the most fun to shoot with? Past or present boarder.

Oh flip this is a hard one. I think shooting with Dev Walsh is my favourite – cause ​we have been good buds for a while so when we get to go and shoot or do a trip it is like hanging with a brother. Super fun and mellow and we always get good stuff. He is a freak about golf, and I have been too since I was kid, so we talk more about our swings in the backcountry than snowboarding… lol.Hectic back country story?

​Again a hard one… I wish I didn’t have so many! Nature of the business. I would say last year we did our annual Eagle Pass Trip for this story I was shooting and mid flight we got caught in a electric storm squall (which I didn’t even know existed) IT WAS SO TERRIFYING cause the guys were on there lines, and the filmer and I are dangling out of the heli to shoot. THEN BOOM and a flash of light that knocked the heli back and guys almost fell off there lines before dropping in… it was so powerful. We got the hell out of there. DAY DONE. ​

Any wild travel story’s you wanna get into?

Well – two weeks in Japan with Infamous Wildcat Crew – END OF STORY. ​

Ha, well, ummm actually you haven’t even started it… But fair enough. I’ll just assume something really gross happened, then somehow all of your wieners touched together at once, then you all promised never to talk about it.                  Your son’s are ripping! Must be cool to watch them progress. How long till you’re out shooting for them? Err wait, you already are…

HAHA… ya it is sort of embarrassing how much better they are than me, but I can beat them still on a good pow day! haha . The funny thing about shooting them, is I never do – I did once last year at The Launch just cause I could never hit those feature if my life depended on it so I snapped a few. I really don’t like having my camera with me when we are shredding. ​ Your wife recently won a hard fought battle with cancer. Are you willing to share a little about this experience?

We are not fully out of the clear but all signs are looking very positive. It has been the hardest year of our lives for sure. Humbled by it all and the fact that we are just not that in control as much as we would like to think. Life is so flipping precious and it has been teaching us so much about slowing down, loving our family and friends, adventuring this world as much as we can, ​and letting go of the stuff that really doesn’t matter. Wouldn’t wish it upon anyone but there can be some deep changes that come from illness like that.

Favourite board in your quiver?

My favourite board right now is Hightide 154 Draft Dodger custom made out of our town. Then the YES Basic 156! ​ What are your photography beginnings?

I did bunch of photo journalism around Central Asia when i was still shooting film, life took different directions and then got back into when we moved proper to whistler, but really didn’t start taking it seriously till about 4 years ago. ​

Who’s your biggest inspirations?

Cole Barash, Scott Pommier, Blake Jorgensen for photos.

Current projects?

Working on some commercial stuff with Billabong, Beats by Dre, Clif Bar and have some creative storytelling stuff coming up with some riders… should be a good winter. ​

As I was going through your website, RMB walked into our little surf shop in Bali, small small world!!
​                                                                                                 NO WAY… love that dude. ​

Thanks for your time Boss! Much appreciated.

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