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Dust Devils


Let’s gather around the fire like the boy scouts we are, while our wicked surfing, adventure seeking, unstoppable, good mate Lothie tells us about how he ended up riding a cold lava field.

“This isn’t really a crazy adventure story or anything so I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. But anyways my girlfriend Sophie has always been super into enduro and motocross bikes, and last year she went on a guided tour up to these cold lava fields and had a blast. She said she still remembered the way to get there, and tossed up the idea of going ourselves, obviously I was keen.”

 “So I rang up a couple mates to gauge interest, and they were stoked needless to say. We packed a couple bags and boosted up to Umalas, and set the alarms for 5am the next morning.” “So at the crack of dawn the next day we sent it towards Kintamani where the lava fields are located. The whole ride up there was epic, riding through remote little villages and thrashing down jungle trails, one sketchy part though is when you have to ride down this super steep one lane road that’s littered with massive trucks driving up and down collecting stones, they don’t have much regard for other people haha.”

“Anyways, we conquered that road and finally made it to the fields, its amazing being there with only a few locals around, its like a giant sandbox for you and your bike to explore and play in, definitely recommend trying to get up there. Just make sure you have the right tires.”

 Kintamani is only a day trip away from most places in southern Bali, Definitely a mission worth getting after when the waves are flat.

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